Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week 5-12 November 2017

What is Thanksgiving Week? 

Thanksgiving Week has been part of the life of Emmanuel Community throughout our history. The purpose of this week towards the end of the year is to look back and acknowledge the blessings that God has poured out upon us during the last year, and to celebrate the variety of blessings which exist within us as a community of many gifts, ages and experiences.

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Week

During Thanksgiving Week, we are all encouraged to create opportunities to celebrate with our families, our ministry teams, our neighbours... and in each of these we give thanks to the ultimate Gift-Giver, God With Us!

Some other ideas are listed below.

  • open your home
  • share a meal
  • give generously
  • create a Thanksgiving Candle
  • affirm a brother or sister
  • tell your story
  • pray with your small group
  • drop off an anonymous present at someone's house