Lord's Day Ceremony

The Lord’s Day Meal is fundamentally a family liturgy held on a Saturday evening to mark the beginning of Sunday, the Lord’s Day. During this meal, we give thanks for the week, light candles to welcome the day of the Lord, read the Scriptures and offer hospitality to both friend and stranger. 

We are encouraged to celebrate the Lord's Day Ceremony on the first Saturday of the month, but it may be celebrated on any week. It can be celebrated simply within our families and households,and also provides an opportunity to invite others into our homes.

Download the Lord's Day Ceremony (pdf, designed to be printed and folded to an A5 booklet)

These two extracts from the Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul titled, "Dies Domini", gives us an insight to our celebration of the Lord’s Day with a family meal and some special prayers.

  • The Lord's Day — as Sunday was called from Apostolic times — has always been accorded special attention in the history of the Church because of its close connection with the very core of the Christian mystery… It is the day which recalls in grateful adoration the world's first day and looks forward in active hope to "the last day", when Christ will come in glory (cf. Acts 1:11; 1 Th. 4:13-17) and all things will be made new (cf. Rev 21:5). (Dies Domini, 1)

  • Sharing in the Eucharist is the heart of Sunday, but the duty to keep Sunday holy cannot be reduced to this. In fact, the Lord's Day is lived well if it is marked from beginning to end by grateful and active remembrance of God's saving work. This commits each of Christ's disciples to shape the other moments of the day — those outside the liturgical context: family life, social relationships, moments of relaxation — in such a way that the peace and joy of the Risen Lord will emerge in the ordinary events of life. For example, the relaxed gathering of parents and children can be an opportunity not only to listen to one another but also to share a few formative and more reflective moments. (Dies Domini, 52)