Serving the Poor

Emmanuel has significantly invested in the service of the poor and disadvantaged in Australia and beyond.  We currently engage in this work through two of our key ministries, Blind Eye Ministries and Impact.

Locally, there are opportunities to engage in outreach to the homeless of our city through the Friday Night Outreach and Saturday Morning Brekkys, as well specific outreaches on Easter Sunday and Christmas morning.  We also run immersion programs for small teams of people to build relationship with indigenous communities.  These events are run through Blind Eye Ministries.

Internationally, we are involved in ministry and partnership with the people of Uganda through child sponsorship programs focussing on education, assisting with local business ventures, and providing medical relief, Bibles in the local language, and other initiatives.  Events in support of these programs and initiatives include fundraising ventures and events to raise awareness of these ministries and the needs in Uganda.

Some of our events focussing on serving the poor are listed below.