Blind Eye Ministries

Blind Eye Ministries

The vision of Blind Eye Ministries is to serve the poor in our local community and create opportunities of church and community for them, working in partnership with other ministries and organisations.

The name 'blind eye ministries' emphasises the need to open our eyes to the poor in our community and not turn a blind eye. The motto 'never see a need without acting on it' is taken from the words of Mary MacKillop, our first Australian saint.

The current initiatives of blind eye ministries include:

  • Homeless: serving the homeless several times each week
  • Emmanuel Life Ministry: Information / forum nights focussing on pro-life issues and formation
  • NT Immersion Experiences: Immersion experiences for young people

For more information, visit or contact Roby Curtis at Emmanuel Community on (07) 3217 5199 or email