Rhythm of Life

This page includes our formation program around the topic of Rhythm of Life. All Emmanuel members are encouraged to discuss this area of our Christian life with their Small Group and Mentors.

Emmanuel’s approach to rhythm of life can be summarised as below:

Any response that we make in our lives is always a response to the fact that God first loved us and gave Himself to us in Jesus. It is God who invites us to respond to the GIFT that the Lord’s day and sacred rhythms offer.

In presenting the “Emmanuel Way of Life”, we understand that the practicalities of how this is lived out in each person/family’s unique circumstances will differ, depending on life stage, health, charisms, passions and vocations, family responsibilities, etc. In relation to this, we expect members of Emmanuel to:

  • Prayerfully reflect on the Emmanuel way of life, and making a concrete response by planning a weekly and annual rhythm out of this reflection.
  • Encourage brothers and sisters in the living out of this way of life, by avoiding making unnecessary demands on others that would hinder them from observing the Lord’s Day, and considering the community calendar rhythm when planning meetings 
  • Trust God by setting aside the Lords Day for rest, delight, relationship, prayer

Whilst we are clear about what we are aiming for in this area, the Community actively fosters a pastoral approach to how this is applied in each person’s life and circumstances.

Resources for Rhythm of Life

The purpose of a way of life is to help us to THRIVE, and be able to make a GENEROUS RESPONSE to God’s call. We are given the Lord’s day as a GIFT. The resources below are offered as tools to help you practically live out this call.