Support our Mission

Since 1975, Emmanuel has been involved in vibrant and effective outreach both locally and internationally. The needs of each ministry are great, but we don't do this alone.  We are grateful to the many individuals and organisations who have stepped out to partner in this mission, providing support through prayer and financial donations.

We invite YOU to partner with Emmanuel through our various mission areas. The links below will bring you to the website for each ministry, where you can find out more about the incredible work being done and make a contribution to developing the mission into the future.

Key Ministry Areas

  • Blind Eye Ministries  - serving the poor and disadvantaged

  • Ignite Youth  - impacting and forming a generation of young people for Jesus Christ

  • Impact  - transforming lives in Uganda

  • Mother Effect - equipping and supporting parents to be the domestic church

Ways to become a Mission Partner include:

We invite you to respond to this invitation to become a Mission Partner with Emmanuel Community.

  • Becoming a Prayer Partner
  • Becoming a Financial Partner
  • Making a One Off Donation for a particular need
  • Contributing through your family trust or your estate   

For more information or to enquire about making an offline donation, please contact us at, phone (07) 3217 5199.