Generous Giving

The primary way to give to the mission of Emmanuel is through regular, generous giving which supports our various ministries including Children & Families, Youth & Young Adults, Seniors, Sunday Mass, Outreach & Community Events.

Some of our ministries run appeals throughout the year. You may also choose to give to a ministry appeal in addition to your regular gift to the community, or you can direct your regular gift to one of these ministries.  

Financial giving is a key spiritual discipline for every Christian. Not only does it enable Emmanuel to further develop its mission and community life, but it is a means for each member to surrender their treasure to God.

Each year, Emmanuel collects pledge information in order to enable effective budgeting throughout the year.  All Emmanuel members, and friends of the community who wish to give in a regular planned way, are asked to complete a Pledge Form to indicate how they plan to give.  These forms are due by 15 June 2017 in order to be considered in our budget planning, however the same forms can be used throughout the year for new members/friends who wish to make a giving commitment at a later date.



Or make a payment through your bank account now:
 Account Name:  Emmanuel Community
 BSB:  064 123
 Account Number:    1025 2685
 Reference:  Please use 'Donation [your name]'
 or if giving for a particular ministry, '[Ministry name] [your name]'  

Emmanuel's Approach to Generous Giving

Emmanuel’s approach to generous giving can be summarised as below:

Any response that we make in our lives is always a response to the fact that God first loved us and gave Himself to us in Jesus. Our first response therefore is to give our whole lives to the God who first loved us. It is out of this surrender of our lives that we give of our time, talent and treasure. In relation to our financial giving, we expect that members of the Community will:
  • Give regularly, informing the Community of their target for giving each year so that responsible financial planning can occur for the Community.
  • Give generously, with an understanding that 10% of our net income serves well as a minimum target for our giving.
  • Give to Emmanuel as a priority, given our commitment to the call to live our primary Christian life and from within this Community
  • Give God room to reveal what more He may ask of us in our financial giving.
Whilst we are clear about what we are aiming for in this area, the Community actively fosters a pastoral approach to how this is applied in each person’s life and circumstances.

Sometimes it is useful to say what Emmanuel’s policy is not, as we all bring different backgrounds and influences to this area which impact our understanding.  A few comments on this include:

  • It is not a strict 10% tithe policy. We believe that God is asking us to give over our whole lives.  The 10% however is a good guide as a minimum target for our giving. Targets or guides are useful to putting “flesh” on what generous giving means.
  • We do not subscribe to the approach that is often called “prosperity Gospel”. This is sometimes presented as “if you give your tithe, God will bless you with financial success which will allow you to give more”. Whilst we are clear that God expects and blesses generous giving, our motivation is not influenced by the expectation of financial reward or success.

Resources for Generous Giving

The resources below are offered as tools to help you manage your personal finances and to grow in your understanding of Christian financial management.

For more information about how to respond by giving to Emmanuel or to join our Regular Giving program, please contact our Finance Team:

 Phone:   (07) 3217 5199
 Post:  PO Box 126, Paddington Qld 4064
 Please make cheques to 'Emmanuel Community'